This is our story of why Logic‖Guaranteed was formed.

Our founder, Joseph A. Laronge, J,D., was long frustrated with the quality of the logical reasoning exhibited by his courtroom trial expert witnesses (e.g., appraisers, economists, statisticians, and university professors), law students, and undergraduate students. Through a very long deep dive into scholarly cutting-edge argument theory, he realized that the problem was not with those individuals. The problem was that the customary ways of logical reasoning lacked the ease-of-use, robustness, and rigor to address the challenges of real-world complex arguments. And that the typical teaching methods of logical reasoning were failing the students. Scholarly educational research supported his findings.

He started to search for a better way. His first stop on this journey was exploring the use of argument maps to visually depict the path of reasoning in arguments. He tested that approach before trial and appellate courts, and in an advanced Factual Argument law school class that he designed in which the law students used argument mapping software and as an associate with a leading argument mapping consulting/training firm. Argument mapping was a big help in solving the problem.

But, that approach still had many deficiencies. For one, it was still just too easy to make illogical arguments. What was needed was a simple, universal, fool-proof method to construct complex logical arguments. The problem was that one did not yet exist.

It was time to actually go back to the drawing board. He began studying the countless number of argument maps he had created for courts and university classes looking for a universal underlying argument pattern. Eventually, he had the eureka moment! He uncovered, through the process of pattern recognition, that there actually was a single universal argument pattern across all those different argument structures and domains.

Fast forward. He authored two academic peer-reviewed Oxford Journal articles on his new logical reasoning approach, presented it at an international AI & Law conference, and used it in his trial and appellate practice and in his logical reasoning trainings for State of Oregon expert witnesses and Oregon attorneys. The Logic‖Guaranteed logical reasoning method was a huge success. And now it’s available to help everyone easily make clear, logical, and compelling logical arguments.